Solid gold White Diamond engagement rings

Our engagement ring collection with white diamonds is a combination of excellent craftsmanship and the beauty of nature. Each ring has been carefully designed and crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure durability and a unique appearance. The diamonds adorning our rings are exceptional in terms of clarity, purity, and cut, making them shine beautifully and attract attention.

Our collection consists of various styles and shapes of rings. You will find trilogy rings, which are rings composed of three stones symbolizing the past, present, and future, solitaire rings with elevated stones, and other designs.

Additionally, we offer the possibility of customizing the ring to the individual needs of the customer, making it even more personal and unique. It's the perfect choice for anyone looking not only for beautiful jewelry but also for a symbol of love and commitment for a lifetime. We are happy to fulfill individual orders. Here you will learn how to place such an order.

We offer the best quality stones depending on the price of the ring.

The characteristics of a diamond are described according to the following nomenclature:

  • Carat weight (carat, ct)

  • Clarity - indicating the presence of inclusions:

    • IF - internally flawless
    • VVS - very, very small inclusions
    • VS - very small inclusions
    • SI - small inclusions
    • P - impurities
  • Color - DEF for colorless, GHIJ for nearly colorless, subsequent letters describe slightly tinted stones

  • Cut - the manner in which the stone is cut, determined by proportions, symmetry, and polish. This applies only to larger stones and is described as exc

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